1What is Muawin?
Muawin is a mobile application through which you can easily and quickly apply for a loan. We offer loan products for individuals and small businesses.
2How can we apply?
To apply for a loan, just download our Android application, signup, and fill out a simple application form. We will assess your application and give you a decision.
3Who can apply for a loan?
Anyone with a valid CNIC can apply for a loan. However, retailers affiliated with our partner distributors will be given preference right now.
4What is the loan amount?
The loan limits are variable and are based on the information that you provide. The loan amount that you are offered will depend on your credit score.
5Can I increase the loan amount?
If you are a new customer, we will give you a smaller loan. Over time as you keep paying back your loan on time and build a strong credit history with us, you will be able to get bigger, more flexible loans.
6How is my credit score calculated?
We use the information collected as part of your loan application form and additional information from your device to calculate your credit score.
7What is asked during a loan application?
We ask questions related to you and your employment or business.
8How long does it take to process a loan application?
Once you submit your loan application, we take around 24-48 hours to process and give you loan decision.
9Why is my CNIC required?
The CNIC is your primary identification document and is used for verification purposes.
10Why is my picture required?
Your picture is part of the loan application to confirm the identity of the person applying for the loan.
11What is the loan duration?
Currently, we only have fixed-term loan products available. In the future, we will launch products with variable duration, so you will be able to choose what’s best for you.
12What are the charges for the loan?
We charge a flat Service Fee based on the loan amount being given to you.
13How to repay the loan?
You can easily repay the loan through: 1. JazzCash App or any JazzCash agent across Pakistan 2. If you’re a retailer, you can pay through our Partner Distributors
14What if I miss the due date?
We strongly advise you to make loan repayments on time. This ensures that you build a credit history with us and get bigger, flexible loans from us. If you miss a loan repayment deadline, you will have to pay the Late Payment Fee along with the remaining outstanding amount. This will negatively impact your credit score and your ability to take loans again. If you continue to delay the payment, we will report you to the Credit Information Bureau (CIB).
15What mobile permissions are required to use the Muawin app?
We use various data points to get a fair assessment of your credit score. For this end, we require access to your mobile data, including (but not limited to) your call logs, location, SMS logs, etc. For a comprehensive list, please view our Privacy Policy.
16How secure is my personal data?
We use state-of-the-art encryption and security services to ensure that your personal data is never at risk of being compromised. Safeguarding your data is our utmost priority and we take it very seriously.
17How many times can I apply for a loan?
You can only avail one loan at a time for now. Once your current loan has been repaid, you can apply for a new loan.
18Why was my loan application rejected?
There can be various factors that led us to decline your loan request. However, you are welcome to apply again after a short term.
19I’m a retailer but I cannot see the business loan products.
Currently only retailers who are affiliated with our partner distributors are eligible for our business loan products. If you are interested in our loan products, please call us on our helpline and we will try to assist you further.
20Can I apply for a loan on my friend’s phone?
You can only apply for a loan by using your own details and your personal mobile phone. This ensures that you get an accurate credit score for yourself. Using someone else’s phone can result in your application being declined.

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