Muawin offers quick, easy, and affordable access to credit for millions of micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan.
We are committed to enabling financial growth and unlocking additional income opportunities for our customers.


How We Do It

Muawin provides an end-to-end digital journey for its customers through an Android based mobile application. Leveraging Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, we ensure our customers get quick and easy loans with convenience


Getting Loans Has Never Been Simpler!

Islamic Financing

Muawin is the first digital lending entity in Pakistan which provides Sharia-compliant financing options. It is our goal to make credit available to all micro-entrepreneurs, so we strive to ensure we have a multitude of options available for everybody.

We have designed our retail lending products to be compliant with Islamic Financing guidelines, so our customers can rest easy knowing that we take their values seriously, and will always deliver products suited to their needs

Why We Do It

We love our country and want to see it reach soaring heights. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, millions of hardworking micro-entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business because of a lack of formal financial access.

Muawin aims to give financial access to all micro-entrepreneurs. We believe that by removing significant barriers to entry and by requiring only a smartphone to be eligible to apply for loans, we can help people grow their businesses and achieve their dreams for a better future.

Our Target Market


Micro Retailers

Gig-Economy Worker

Gig Economy Workers


We're Hiring!

Muawin needs talented and passionate individuals to drive us forward. If you are interested, let us know why we should hire you! Click on the button below to find out more about our work environment, benefits, and open positions. We look forward to hearing from you!

We're Hiring