Data use and privacy policy

1.             Introduction

1.1.        Your privacy is important to us. This Data Use and Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) covers the data that Muawin collects from you, how the data is processed, and for what purposes it can be used.

1.2.        ThisPolicy applies to all customers who register with, subscribe to, use or purchase any of our products and services, or access our mobile application (the “Application”) or any other platform.

1.3.        ThisPolicy should be read together with the Terms and Conditions governing the use of any of our services, including but not limited to obtaining any loans.  

2.             Definitions

 In this Policy, references to:

 2.1.        “You”includes the person who registers with, subscribes to, uses or purchases any of our products and services, or the person who accesses our Application or any other platform.

2.2.        “Muawin”,“we” or “us”, “our” and “ours” means Cashew Financial Services Limited.

 3.             Collection of Information

 3.1.        We collect your personal information which is contained on your mobile phone or device or is entered by you while using our Application or is obtained from other sources (3rd party information), with your knowledge and consent when you do any of the following:

 a)    register on our Application for any service being provided by us, including but not limited to granting of loans and ancillary services;

 b)   submit or enter any information in our Application at any time after installation on your mobile phone or device;

 c)    apply for a loan, or utilize any other service from our Mobile Application;

 d)   ask Muawin for any information about any of Muawin’s services or Application, or contact Muawin with a query or complaint; or

 e)    access the Application or any other mobile applications through the Application.

 3.2.        The above list is not exhaustive. Your information and data can be collected at anytime from your mobile phone or device when using our Application.

 3.3.        For revoking consent to provide information, you can deny permission, log out of application, and uninstall application from your device.


4.             What Information is collected?

 The information we collect and store about you includes, but is not limited to, the following:

 4.1.        Your computerized national identity card information (CNIC), including picture of front and back side of your card, a picture of your face along with CNIC, full name, CNIC number, issue date, expiry date, date of birth, city of birth, mother’s name

 4.2.        Your personal details including current address, city, gender, and marital status.

 4.3.        Your employment, business, or any additional information which is included in your loan KYC form.

 4.4.        Your preferences for particular products and services, based on information provided by you or from your use of ours (or third party) network, products and services.

 4.5.        Details and information contained on your mobile device, including but not limited to your device, network, location, contacts, call logs, SMS, calendar, photos& media, social media, or other installed applications on your device.

 4.6.        Data generated out of your contact with us, e.g. we may record your verbal and written conversations or interactions with us when you call us or contact us through social media, our chat, or email.

 4.7.        Data and information obtained from other sources (3rd party information)including but not limited to your distributor/partner (for partner loans only),NADRA, Credit Bureau, Waller providers, or other financial and non-financial institutions.  


5.             Use of Information

 We may review, use and share any of the information collected by us for the following non-exhaustive purposes:

 5.1.        We may utilize some or all available personal information for internal assessments, measures, operations and related activities or for any other purpose as required by us.

 5.2.        We may at our discretion employ, contract or include third parties for strategic, tactical and operational purposes, who may utilize your information.

 5.3.        We may also transfer your personal information or other information collected, stored or processed by us to any other entity or organization located inPakistan or outside Pakistan for their use of the information.

 5.4.        The information collected from you may also be used by us to file a complaint against you and to initiate or commence proceedings against you for recovery of outstanding amounts.

 5.5.        We may disclose your information to law-enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities, courts or other statutory authorities in response to a demand issued with the appropriate lawful mandate and where the form and scope of the demand is compliant with the law.

 5.6.        We may use the information for any lawful purpose, as may be required by us.


6.             Retention ofInformation

 6.1.        We can retain your personal information for unspecified period of time and use the same for such purposes as we deem fit.

6.2.        Your information is uploaded to for processing and subsequent credit decisions.


7.             Security &Storage

 7.1.        Our infrastructure, technology, controls, and processes are designed to offer protection. However, we cannot guarantee security of your stored data and information.


8.             Change in thePolicy

Muawin reserves the right to amend or modify this policy at any time. If Muawin amends this policy, you can access the most current version of the privacy policy on the website and mobile application of the Muawin so that you always know how your personal information is being used or shared. Any amendment or modification to this policy will take effect from the date of notification on the Muawin website or when you next login to our application or when you receive notification through call/SMS. You may be required to accept new privacy policy on our application to continue use.


9.             Consent and Authorization to Use of Information 

By using ourApplication, you agree and consent, without any reservation: 

(a)  to allow us to access any and all information and data about you or contained in your mobile device, in the manner detailed in this Policy; 

(b)  to allow us to use all such information and data in such manner as we may deem fit for our purposes, including sharing the data with one or more third parties in or outside Pakistan, without any commercial benefit of the same to you; 

(c)  to allow us to store and utilize the data for such period of time as we deem fit for our purposes;

(d)  to allow us to use the data so collected for any purpose in pursuance to your use of the Application.

Your consent is of your own free will, without any duress or coercion of any nature. By using our Application, you confirm unequivocally that you have read the Policy and are aware of and have no objection to the collection, storage and use of your data by Muawin.


10.         Contact

For any queries and details, you can write to us at

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