Our Vision

Financial Inclusion to Financial Empowerment

A rising tide lifts all boats; an old idiom that we at Muawin (Cashew Financial Services) firmly believe in. We're guided by the core philosophy that backing our hard working micro-entrepreneurs financially will unlock the true potential of their ventures. Giving credit access where it does not exist, we create income opportunities and conditions for growth for millions of people, ultimately empowering our society as a whole.



Ammar Afif

Ammar has spent over 20 years in Silicon Valley & Boston; successfully building, scaling and exiting tech companies as a VC, PE investor, CFO, and COO. He is currently on a mission to bring instant financing to MENA region.

Hashim Ali


Hashim has 6 plus years of experience in the Fintech ecosystem and has pioneered several credit products. With an MSF from George Washington University under his belt and the Fintech industry taking off in Pakistan, Hashim felt that this was where he could make his impact. He also teaches his signature Fintech course at the Lahore University of Management Sciences.


Moeed Qamar


Moeed has 4 plus years of experience spearheading strategy, operations, and finance at Monami Tech Dubai. After graduating from the Lahore University of Management Sciences, he dived straight into a tech startup and helped build an Innovation Hub and a digital lending platform. As the CEO's right-hand man, he also led fundraising activities and ran multiple International teams.


Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

Technology Lead

Iftekhar has more than seven years of experience in software development and is an MSCS from LUMS his research work is in computer vision. He has worked on industry-leading virtualization solutions, large-scale applications, and machine learning tools which include yield prediction, pattern analysis, and anomaly detection. His key developing technologies are Java, AWS, and TensorFlow. At Muawin, he is catering to all of the company's tech needs.


Board of Directors and Advisors


Naweed Sharif

Executive Director

Naweed has more than 30 years of banking experience with banks in Pakistan, Singapore and USA, and has been a board member at the Quaid e Azam Thermal Power Plant.


Dr. Syed Aun Raza Rizvi

Sharia Advisor

Dr. Aun has a Ph.D. in Islamic Finance from INCEIF (Malaysia) and is currently an Associate Professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. His research focuses on financial markets, Islamic Finance, and Econophysics. He has published in leading mainstream journals in the area of finance and economics and is currently serving as a series editor of CIBFR Palgrave Studies in Islamic Finance

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